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High Quality Vapour Blasting for Parts Cleaning - For Cars, Bikes etc. Metals, Plastic, Fiberglass and even some Wood can be cleaned by this process.

VAPOUR BLASTING - Is state of the art non-abrasive cleaning that is great for all types of metal components, Alloys, Steel, Brass, Copper etc plus some plastics, rubber, wood and even fiberglass, it is a finishing process and will leave your metal parts with a nice satin finish.

Hi my name is Gordon Beeby and I am the owner and operator of Vapour Blasting South Canterbury Limited which I started up over 6 years ago, I invested in a Vixen Vapour Blaster which is a very high quality Vapour Blasting Cabinet and Componentry from the United Kingdom.

To be honest I am a perfectionist and very passionate when it comes to my work and with having an excellent background in engineering also very mechanically minded, having built several Race and Rally Cars and Motorbikes over the last 40 years including building Roll Cages for Race/Rally Cars I really know my stuff.

Most metals can be cleaned but also plastics, some rubbers, fiberglass and even wood. VAPOUR BLASTING is a process that involves 3 basic components, a slurry consisting of very fine glass bead media and water with compressed air providing the motive force. No hazardous or toxic chemicals are used. The process takes place inside of a purpose built blasting cabinet which utilises a recirculation pump to maintain the slurry in suspension - Note the maximum size that will fit in my blasting cabinet is 950 x 950 x1250 Long but some items may be within these dimensions but are sometimes too heavy to handle but please ask and send photos which will help me see the condition of the items.

Why Blast With Vapour Blast

  • Superior Satin Finish
  • Cleans by flow of water not impact
  • Gentle and non corrosive
  • Critical dimensions are maintained
  • Cleans without damaging the metal
  • Avoids media impregnation of material
  • Environment Friendly
  • Does not heat or warp parts.

Why Does It Work So Well

The combination of the water and fine glass bead slurry provides a hydraulic cushioning effect to lessen the glass beads impact on the metal's surface - Working Together they provide a peening / honing action that cleans the metal surface, Resulting in a finish that minimises further staining and oxidation.

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